Paper Wasps (polistes)

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Common paper wasps you see hanging from the window sill are one of several species of polistes wasps. This particular one illustrated is p fuscatus. Like all wasps (vespids) they start a new nest each spring and don’t use the same nest twice.

My name is Greg Allen. I live in Portsmouth, Ohio, telephone 740-354-5859, or cell 614-204-6193. In the summer months, I collect stinging insects for a laboratory that uses the venom for medical products and applications. I advertise for free removal and people call me to remove wasps, hornets and yellow-jackets from their property. I do not charge a fee as I am paid by the lab I work for under contract.


Common hornets are referred to as Bald Face or White Face Hornets, which are   d. maculata.  Like all wasps (Vespids) they don’t use the same nest twice but over-wintering queens each start a new nest in April.  From this one queen, the nests can grow to huge size by September with hundreds of female workers.  Once the old queen runs out of semen she begins to produce males.  This means the seasonal cycle is almost over and by October the nest is abandoned and everything dies out except for the new over-wintering queens.

After mating with males from other colonies the new queens find a place to spend the winter while the old queen, all the female workers and males die out.